Travel Carry for India

I’m off to India on a business trip and have carefully compiled my travel carry that I’ll be sharing with you today.  I’ll be spending more time outdoors on this trip compared to my trip to Malaysia, so my carry needs to reflect these uses. I’ve focused on packing tools that are reliable, easy to reach for and will take a beating if necessary, as well as including a couple of new products.

This trip calls for my trusty Hightide pen roll. It’s lightweight and can pack a lot in, including small notebooks, making it a great choice to keep with you. I’m also not too precious about this pencilcase, so if it gets a bit beaten up in my bag it all adds to the charm.


Pocket notebooks are my paper essentials for this trip. I’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors and will be scribbling away about my surroundings. I’ve got a Baron Fig Explorer notebook with me, part of which I’ve used as a travel pocket notebook and I love it. This is one product that I am a bit precious over now, because Baron Fig isn’t easy to come by in the UK and it’s so great that I don’t want to waste it or ruin it. I’ll be using this as a travel log while I’m in India and using it to note down information from meetings rather than fieldwork. The Explorer branding is perfect for use as a travel log and I’m using the “Wander” version. For notetaking while I’m out in the field I’ve got a ruled Calepino pocket notebook. I think this is a fab product – it’s my only “kraft” look notebook and I love the functional look of it but it still works really well with pencil and ink. The cover is flexible but sturdy. Lastly I’ve got a Field Notes Pitch Black notebook. A dot grid pocket notebook is handy for sketches and I didn’t fancy using any more of my stash of limited edition pocket notebooks.

I’m also bringing along my Hobonichi Techo because I’m expecting to have a very busy trip, full of things to see and do and I want to make sure I record it properly. I’m not bringing my Polaroid ZIP photo printer, but I use a fun drop around shu sticky note to leave a gap for a photo and to use as a mini to-do list.


Scribbling calls for gel pens so I’m bringing a Uni-ball Signo UM-151 0.38mm pen in blue-black. This has a handy grip which makes it good to hold at different positions. I’m also bringing a Zebra Sarasa 0.5mm in blue-black. The clip on this pen makes it really handy to keep on you or with a notebook. Usually 0.5mm pens are slightly on the wide side for me and I prefer a 0.4mm wherever possible, but for quick notetaking purposes it might encourage me to write a little larger so that my scribblings aren’t quite so illegible when I come to interpret them after my visit!

I’m not bringing a range of fountain pens with me as I don’t expect to use them, but I am bringing along my new limited edition mocha Kaweco Sport F nib inked up with J Herbin Bleu Pervenche. This pen and ink combination is dreamy. The pen is all the warmth of bourbon, toffees, salted caramel and milk chocolate, and the ink is cool, vibrant and summery. I’m bringing this along for my Baron Fig travel log because fountain pens are a joy to use with the Explorer notebook.


Well, I’m going to India so naturally I had to pack a Nataraj Marble HBThis is a really nice pencil, although sometimes I feel like it is strangely lightweight. It’s a gorgeous pencil though. Lovely pink hued wood, that unique marble print, eraserless but capped. I also need something that won’t need sharpening too often because I’ll be using it on the go, so I’ve packed a Caran d’Ache Grafwood F grade. This pencil is about the limit of hardness for me, but the Nataraj Marble needs a bit more sharpening, so I’ll need something to fall back on while I’m out and about. It’s also quite a wide-barrelled pencil which is easy to hold. Lastly, I’ve brought a Tombow 8900 HB, because neither of my other pencils are my favourites, and this one is up there in my top 3.

All in all I’ve got a good combination of trusty tools and new products in my carry this time, so will be keeping tabs on how these work for future reviews.

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