WritePads: Lenore Review and Kindred Spirit First Impressions

I have been lucky enough to receive both of WritePads limited edition packs of notebooks in my monthly Pocket Notebooks subscription box; the Lenore edition and the newly released Kindred Spirit. Today I’m compiling my thoughts on the Lenore and my initial impressions of the Kindred Spirit.

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Stationery Constant: Hobonichi Techo

I am thinking of starting a series on my stationery constants. I have already discussed one of them this year (the Hightide pen roll that I jointly reviewed with Jenny @ The Finer Point). Another 2016 stationery constant has been that patient companion, the Hobonichi Techo.

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Soho Stationery Store

On Friday I popped into a shop I hadn’t visited before, the Soho Stationery Store. Nestled down a little alley just off Oxford Street, this independent business is an office supply and stationery business for commercial clients and individuals alike. Unusually for a commercial supplier, they have a shopfront which I’d strolled past before while it was closed, so I used half an hour before meeting friends for dinner to check it out.

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A Year of The London Parchment

A few weeks ago The London Parchment turned a year old. First and foremost thank you so much for sticking with me! I’d like to use this post to pick out a few brief thoughts I have of the year gone by and to revisit some of my favourite photographs. There are links dotted throughout for you to check out if you joined me somewhere throughout the last 12 months.

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Travel Carry for a Week in Malaysia

I set off from London on Saturday for a business trip to Malaysia, which is very exciting. Naturally this required forethought as to what my stationery carry would be for the trip so I thought I’d do a quick update post (from the plane!) on what I’ve brought with me.

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Hightide Pen Roll Collaborated Review: Part 2

Today on The London Parchment I’m publishing part 2 of a collaborated review. This is part 2, and you can find part 1 on The Finer Point where Jenny has compiled her thoughts on the Hightide Pen Roll using it intermittently for a few months. So if you haven’t read Part 1 yet, stop here! Go back and have a read!

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Parchment Pause: Holiday Time

The next couple of weeks will see a break from posts on The London Parchment as I’m off on an adventure. My fiancé and I are off to spend a couple of weeks taking in the springtime Maine countryside, Quebec City, Montreal, New York City and Boston. I’m really looking forward to it!

I'm bringing three pocket notebooks all wrapped up in my beautiful new fauxdori. Yellow and green - I can't get enough of these colours.
I’m bringing three pocket notebooks all wrapped up in my beautiful new fauxdori. Yellow and green – I can’t get enough of these colours.

I’m going to be travelling very light on the stationery front on this trip because I plan on stocking up big time.  I’ve already had a few treats delivered to the friends we’re staying with in Boston to pick up tonight when we land! But much more on that after I return. Suffice it to say I’m travelling with a singular everything: my trusty Staedtler Mars Lumograph B grade, my Kaweco Sport F nib with Diamine teal, my Ballograf Chrome Epoca, my Milan eraser, Uni Jetstream and a yellow Muji double ended pen. I’m also bringing my Hobonichi Techo to keep up with journaling, and my Polaroid ZIP because I really want to include a daily photo from this trip. I’ve realised that a daily photo from “normal” life isn’t sustainable with the Techo because it would just become too big over the year. But daily photos during holidays are essential, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Finally this is all topped off by three pocket notebooks full of travel tips that I’ve been amassing for each of the places we’re visiting, all cosied up in leather and elastic in my gorgeous green fauxdori. That’s it! We’ll see what I return with!

If you have any tips, stationery related or otherwise, for any of the places I’m heading to, I’d love to hear them!

Some hand lettering I've been doing on thank you cards to friends and family we're staying with.
Some hand lettering I’ve been doing on thank you cards to friends and family we’re staying with.