Stationery Resolutions: Review of 2017 and New Resolutions for 2018

Happy New Year! Around this time last year I published my stationery-related New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. I’ve written a quick review of how I did on these resolutions (not too badly!) and I’m sharing my 2018 Stationery Resolutions.

The Resolutions I Achieved

Get something personalised 

This was a bit of a novelty, and an easy one to achieve! I got two notebooks personalised with my new initials (I changed my name after getting married). One is an exercise book from Not Another Bill, and one is a lovely soft leather notebook from Hope House Press. I have a Midori Traveler’s Notebook with my old initials that I’m still going to keep and use though. Maybe I’ll keep it for so long that I’ll look back one day and remark that I’ve had it since before I was married!

Personalised notebooks with my new initials

Daily photo in my Hobonichi Techo

I’ve continued this tradition using my handy Polaroid Zip photo printer. In all honesty, I haven’t put a photo in for every day – frankly, not every day is exciting enough to photograph, even if I write a few words about the day. But wherever and whenever there’s something to document (which probably works out at about 5 days out of 7), a photo goes into the Hobo. I’m carrying on with this in 2018, because it really gives me a lot of joy to see my year in pictures and ink.

One of my 2017 Hobonichi Techo double page spreads. This was from when I went to Montreal and Chicago over the summer.

Make my own wedding stationery

In the lead up to the wedding, I crafted all of the on-the-day stationery, partly using Adobe Illustrator (the Order of Service, menus, etc) and partly handmade (place settings, thank you tags for our favours). It was fun! I learned a lot about Illustrator and really got a lot of practice at hand lettering. Strangely, I don’t have great photos of doing any of this! Here’s a picture one of our lovely guests took of the table, in it you can spot our table names and my hand lettered place settings and thank you tags.

Partially Achieved Resolutions

Use a set of seasonal ink colours

I really like this resolution, but I didn’t fully achieve it, Firstly, I figured out that I have some favourite inks that I just like to use all year round! Pilot Iroshizuku Syo-ro for example. I just like using that ink whenever I can, even if it’s not especially suited to certain seasons. I did pick seasonal ink colours throughout the year (I wrote about two of my swatches here and here), but I wasn’t as strict about using other inks as I intended to be. I also didn’t try out any new ink brands in 2017, preferring to stick with my favourite Diamines, Pilot Iroshizuku and Sailor inks (and to use up some of the stash).

My springtime seasonal shades.

Make my own cards

I made a lot of my own cards in 2017, but I didn’t make all of them. There are many situations where a lovely, hand-lettered card is just the ticket. But there are also a lot of artists making creative, fun cards that I want to buy and give to others. There’s room for both!

Some of the brush lettered postcards I made in 2017. I feel like I definitely have my own brush lettering style now.
One of the birthday cards I made in 2017, and some of the materials I used (Kuretake Wink of Stella brush glitter pen, Pentel Aquash with Winsor and Newton black India ink, washi tapes and deco tape)

The Resolutions I Did Not Achieve

The Finer Point’s 1 pen/1 pencil experiment

No excuse for this one, I just didn’t get round to doing it! Recap – the 1 pen/1 pencil experiment is where you use one single implement for a week for everything. It’s rolling over to 2018, because I’m still interested in doing this.

Scan some of my notebooks and present them on The London Parchment

Again, no excuse really! I still want to do this. I think I’ll roll this one into 2018 too.

Attend some crafty hands-on classes

The main obstacle with this one was lack of time. I’ve got a whole load of classes that I’ve written down to attend when I can, in screenprinting, linocut printing, woodblock printing and letterpress. One of my friends lives in Oxford and tells me about the amazing crafty workshops that the Bodleian Library runs. That’s definitely one for 2018.

2018 Resolutions

Along with the three that I’m rolling over, I’ve got a couple more stationery resolutions for 2018. I want to:

  • Use at least 3 blank paper notebooks (I really need to give blank paper a chance)
  • Write more letters and use some of my lovely snail mail stationery
  • Make some hand-lettered artworks for our flat, and for friends and family
  • Use more graphite rather than just using my favourite pencils regularly
  • Buy a new fountain pen (I know that many of you reading buy fountain pens regularly. I love fountain pens, but I buy them infrequently and use them intensively. The only fountain pen I bought in 2017 was a beautiful Pilot Elabo soft-medium in Tokyo. I’d rather do my research and be able to spend a little bit more money on a fountain pen than other stationery items).

I’ll keep you updated!

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