Stationery-Related New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year! Today I’m sharing some stationery and craft-related items from my New Year’s Resolutions. Hopefully there will be lots of opportunities throughout 2017 to update The London Parchment with how I’m getting on with them.

So what are my stationery to-dos for 2017?

Make my own cards 

I really enjoyed making Christmas cards this year. I enjoyed the whole setup belt of production with paper, pens, stamps, glitter and more covering my desk. Although Christmas cards require a veritable Santa’s workshop of cardmaking equipment, making a single card here or there for birthdays and other occasions seems very achievable. I imagine I’ll always include an element of hand lettering on them, but hopefully this will allow me to be a bit creative.

Make my own wedding stationery

I’m getting married in 2017! *Happy dance*. Everyone knows that wedding stationery is rather expensive. To counteract this cost burden and to invest myself into the wedding even further, I’m going to make all of our on-the-day stationery. I produced the place settings for the beautiful London wedding of my good friends Seph and James in November which was very exciting and I just loved discussing it all and thinking about the paper and style. I want to hand make as much as I can for the wedding but also use the opportunity to develop my ever-evolving graphic design skills, as I can’t feasibly make everything I’d like to by hand. I’m expecting to design elements like the order of service, seating plan and table cards on Photoshop or Illustrator to get printed.

A couple of the hand-lettered place settings I made for Seph and James in November 2016

And on the same theme…

Get something personalised in 2017 

I have decided that I will change my name after I get married. I have one piece of personalised stationery that I carry around with me every day: my black Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I picked this up at Property Of in Amsterdam in March of 2016 and I self-indulgently decided to have it embossed with my initials in traditional-style lettering. I love having something subtly personalised, especially my Traveler’s Notebook which is an extension of my thoughts and actions: it contains my weekly planner, a refill containing a project I’ve been working on and a refill just for lists (this sounds overkill, but is actually a surprisingly boring refill, it mostly contains shopping lists and to-do lists comprised of things like washing). Traveler’s Notebooks last a long time, so I’m not sure I’ll replace it just for the sake of having new initials. But I would like to buy myself something personalised in 2017 with my new initials: PNW.

8 months left of PNF!

Continue with a daily photo in my Hobonichi Techo 2017 

In 2016, whenever I have taken a snap of something in the course of my day, I have used my Polaroid Zip to print it out and stick into my Hobo. I talked in some detail about the pros and cons of the Polaroid Zip earlier this year. In February I will have had the Zip for a year and I’m planning on totalling up how much a year’s worth of photo printing has cost me overall. I really enjoy looking back on my Hobo and although this isn’t a resolution as such, I just really want to make this another yearly practice. My 2016 Hobo has become chubby with all of the things I’ve done; it has faithfully accepted all of my days whether they have been exciting or mundane. A picture is worth a thousand words.

One of my Hobo layouts including a daily photo from 2016
My 2016 Hobo which contains a daily photo next to my brand new 2017 Hobo. Quite a difference eh?

The Finer Point’s 1 pen/1 pencil experiment

Jenny’s 6-week series using 1 pen or 1 pencil per week for all the tasks of a stationery addict was fascinating. In a way it’s the opposite of what stationery addicts like to do, which in my case is to use a multitude of tools for different tasks and get a lot of enjoyment out of doing so. Being a stationery addict can be expensive though, and I would like to gather my thoughts on some of the tools I feel I particularly like, and some I have neglected. I would be interested to see how my affiliations with certain pens and pencils hold up with continuous use, and whether my neglected tools have been cast aside too hastily. I’d also like to see how I manage with a less “disposable” attitude to certain tools, for example, this pencil only cost 60p, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s confined to the desk forever.

Some of the pens and pencils I’d like to include in a 1 Pen / 1 Pencil experiment

Use a set of seasonal ink colours

Continuing with the theme of addressing my sometimes disposable attitude to stationery, I would like to continue something I’ve been doing since the end of summer: using a set of “seasonal” ink colours in my fountain pens. In autumn I inked up four of my fountain pens for use throughout the season and decided not to change them as soon as I felt like it but to stick with it for the whole season. Since I came back from Vietnam in early December I’ve moved onto a set of winter inks that that I’ll use until spring 2017. I love that different seasons show up in my writing through the ink I’ve been using – my Hobo entries in October and November for example are all autumnal colours. Secondly, I wanted to use my fountain pens for a more extended period of time and really enjoy and experiment with new inks. I love choosing the colours that I feel match the season, too. When I’ve asked friends what inks they would choose for winter for example, the colours they pick are completely different to mine.

My winter inks that I’ll write a more detailed post about soon.

Scan some of my notebooks and present them on The London Parchment

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. I hold my hands up to the fact that I can be a little nosey about other people’s stationery habits. I really enjoy blog posts on how people use their Traveler’s Notebooks, or watercolours, or pocket notebooks for example. I love pocket notebooks and usually have at least two on the go. Some of them I adopt an anything-and-everything attitude to, others inadvertently become labours of love. Either way, I want to scan a full copy of a pocket notebook in, unedited, just as an insight into my notetaking and the things I find interesting.

Sneak peak of a couple of pages of a recently-used Field Notes Lunacy notebook (the half-moon in case you were wondering)

Attend some crafty hands-on classes

I attended some brush lettering, calligraphy and drawing classes in 2015 and I loved them. I learned so much and, during 2016, I have honestly applied lot of the skills I encountered into what I now consider to be hobbies of mine. I want to learn some more crafty, hands-on skills in 2017 and I’m going to keep my eye out for anything to do with paper-making and printmaking, particularly letterpress and linocut printing.

And one to keep aside for next year…

In the process of coming up with these resolutions, I have filed one away for 2018. Hopefully 2018 will be the year we buy a house, so I’m saving a resolution to create some artworks to decorate our future home. I did a little piece of hand lettering this year for my good friend Averil who bought a house (and she also has the same birthday as Harry Potter) and I was really pleased with it!

A piece of hand lettering I wrote and framed for a good friend who shares a birthday with Harry Potter!

I plan to update on the progress of these resolutions over the year and do a proper wrap up of them all in December 2017. Happy New Year again! I’d love to hear any stationery and craft-related New Year’s Resolutions on your lists!

6 thoughts on “Stationery-Related New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

    1. Thanks lovely! None of them are too lofty and wishful so I think I have an achievable set! I just love hand lettering. Are you doing any specific 2017 art or lettering challenges?

  1. Your mention of seasonal inks a while ago is what inspired my autumnal Diamine pumpkin! Re disposability vs variety, I’m wondering if there’s potential for some kindof stationary geek’s swap meetup? e.g. an opportunity to exchange half used ink pots so everyone can try more colours without having to store a stash of half-used supplies?

    1. Jude as always you have the best ideas. I’m waiting for the London pen show dates to be announced – I reckon that’s the best opportunity!

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