Reading List: August

Just a quick one from me today. I thought I would share some of the interesting things I’ll be reading in August, mostly relating to hand lettering and typography. Links are underlined!

Practical Typography 

This is a digital book handily separated into snappy sections about typography. The author, Matthew Butterick, is a writer, typographer and lawyer who has published this book online as an experiment into the potential of design excellence through digital publishing. Matthew’s work is incredible. There are detailed sections on type composition and formatting , sample documents, essays, font suggestions and more. My favourite thing about this digital book though is Matthew’s perspective on why typography matters; to reinforce the meaning of text.

The High Pulp Blog 

This website is all about hand lettering with lots of good, punchy tips on developing different lettering styles and links to several talented hand lettering artists. As I’ve been getting into hand lettering I do find that my range of styles is pretty similar and would really like to work on developing more original styles that can be used for different purposes or even artistically. I particularly enjoyed reading Drew Melton’s interview, and I’ve started putting into practice some of the tips I’ve found, such as having a go-to word list to practice hand lettering if I have a few minutes of downtime.

Digitising hand lettering

For my wedding next year I would like to produce a lot of the paper goods that we’ll be sharing and using on the day. As much as I would *love* to hand letter everything, I recognise this may be challenging. So I’ve set myself a goal to learn how to digitise my hand lettering and work with scaling, colour and placement to create lovely stationery which still feels like my own. I have Photoshop and Illustrator because I worked with graphics for my Masters degree but I’m still a complete novice with these programs. Have a look at this great guide on How to add lettering to a photo by Elaine @ Owl Ink to get you going. Hopefully I’ll be able to compile a specific post with all the resources I find on digitising hand lettering as I’m planning to make this a bit of an August goal. Suggestions welcome!

Thoughts on the art of handwriting 

A short piece on how handwriting is used (and exploited?) in this day and age.


I dip in and out of doing this, but I would like to stick with it in August. I really like these prompts because, if I am organised enough to keep them all together, I like looking back on various styles of lettering that I employ and, hopefully, improve. Also it’s a bit of fun and the hashtag means I can check out the work of the very talented hand letterers out there.

Things Magazine

A beautiful collection of websites, blogs, artists, writers and much more. I’ve only checked out a few of the links (as there are so many to choose from) but there is a very extensive and interesting list of other websites about architecture, design, print, politics, sites in different languages… it’s great. If I’m ever up for learning something new, looking at gorgeous things or just fancy a surprise, this is where I go now.

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