Photo Diary: Streets of Japan

We returned recently from a couple of weeks in the country of my dreams, Japan. Japan is such a photogenic country. Everything is interesting. It’s been fun, albeit hard work, sorting through the thousands of photos we brought back with us, although it is joyful to relive it. I’ll be publishing a photo diary of our trip, starting with the theme of Streets of Japan, the first places that any new visitor to a country really sees.

We saw buildings of all shapes and sizes nestling up against each other, some were tiled from top to bottom while others were constructed delicately out of layers of dark wood. The Japanese language is beautiful to look at, some typefaces are minimalist and sleek, while others are brushy and intricate. In the cities, plants seemed to be adorning every porch, bringing splashes of greenery to the streets. Many of the areas we visited were obviously much more high rise than the ones I’m showing here, but so many of the neighbourhood streets we strolled around were just so beautiful in their everyday-ness. Vending machines can be found surprisingly frequently, although every now and then, we stumbled upon one selling something other than soft drinks.

And if you look up, you’ll be reminded that you’re in Asia by the state of the wiring.

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