Petit Pan Printed Paper

My Petit Pan “papier imprimé” is prized amongst my stationery collection. Petit Pan produce beautiful, loose, printed paper sheets for decorating, wrapping and for all manner of crafty pursuits. I’ve written a short post today, to share these sheets of loveliness.

Petit Pan is a Parisian company. It is primarily a homeware brand, producing little toys, rich fabrics and decorative goods for the home with a healthy dose of whimsy and imagination incorporated into its designs. I actually received my first pack of Petit Pan paper as a Secret Santa gift in 2014, and I was thrilled. Packed with thin, washi-like paper with incredibly vivid colours and beautiful, vintage-style patterns, not unlike old ceramic tiles.

The simple Petit Pan sticker on each packet of paper
A floral, vintage design that reminds me of old tiles. I love that saturated shade of blue.
Some of the other floral sheets from my packet.

One of the best bits was opening up the pack of paper to look at each and every sheet; each one was a slightly different size and design and no two sheets were quite the same. Very soon after receving this gift, I tracked Petit Pan down online and bought several more packs of mixed sheets. One of the packets I bought had a page full of dinosaurs on it, nestled amongst bright, floral designs. I bought each pack for about £6 and happily had them shipped across the English Channel to London.

Geometric patterns. I love the bold blue and white sheet.
More bright geometric designs. You can see the blue sheet underneath the pink and white sheet – that’s how thin and delicate this paper is.

I’m still using my sheets of Petit Pan paper now. I cut different shapes for scrapbooking, tear shapes to fill up blank pages in my Midori 019 weekly refill for my Travelers Notebook and make small envelopes. I used some Mod Podge glue to decorate an old kraft paper box with a variety of paper offcuts I had leftover. More recently, I made all the confetti cones for my wedding in September using of seven-inch squares of this lovely paper. Each and every cone was slightly different.

A somewhat digitised cherry blossom design

This paper is a joy to behold. Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about its production (Petit Pan – if you’re reading this – let me know!). The colours are vivid, the designs are pretty and vintage in style, and the paper itself is wonderfully delicate to handle. It’s as much fun to use as it is to look at, too.

Petit Pan still sell “papier imprimé”, although I can’t find any more mixed packs of paper. There are a whole range of beautiful designs however, some geometric and some that are more floral and soft. My favourites are the super retro HELIUM range and the HANAKO range, which reminds me of the Japanese cherry blossom. 

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