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I’m back on The London Parchment after a short hiatus, in which I got married! Here are a couple of sneak peeks.

The wedding itself was a small event of around 80 people. I think this sounds like a lot, but really only allows for very close friends and family, with very few +1s and very few children. The venue was a beautiful garden and Orangery in the west of England, a very scenic part of the world. All of the elements of a wedding were there without much more fanfare: there was a ceremony, a rather large meal, a cake, speeches, dancing and a large supply of drink.

Instax snaps – good for journals and wedding cakes alike!

The day really went perfectly: the weather was dry and fresh and cool, all the people we love were there, the food was incredible, the band were fantastic, I didn’t spill anything on my dress. It was just a great and wonderful time. I find it hard to say much more than that! I think I’m still taking it all in.

So, now that event is out of the way and life is returning to normal, usual programming on The London Parchment will be resumed! Also, you can now find me on Twitter @londonparchment. Check back tomorrow for a product review, and I’ve got updates on my stationery setup, Field Notes usage and travel carries on the way too.

Photo Credits to Marc Le Galle

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