Happy 2nd Birthday to The London Parchment

The London Parchment is Two Years Old. I love having this little outlet for my thoughts on the stationery tools and projects that I enjoy so much. Here’s a quick summary of my second year of stationery blogging.

Making Things

I made my own Christmas cards in December, and I received a lot of lovely comments about them. Including whether I sell them online for people to buy *mind blown*. Making them was a hoot, I spread out all of my tools, got myself a big glass of red wine and ploughed through stamping, hand lettering, writing messages and addressing envelopes.

All lined up!

I also made the place settings for our good friends’ wedding, held on Bonfire Night last year. I had talked to the bride, Seph, in the lead-up to the wedding, agreeing on a heavy dove grey wove paper and an eclectic brush lettering style with touches of gold. Although this was a tiny part of their day, it filled my heart up with joy hearing a thank you for making them in the Groom’s speech. A couple of professional pictures (as well as Seph and James’s lovely perspective on including handmade touches in their wedding) was even included in the round-up of their gorgeous wedding on Love My Dress.

A couple of rubbish phone pictures of the place settings I made for Seph and James’s wedding

I’ve got a couple of other projects in the pipeline that I’m excited about too – all inspired by my hand lettering pieces that I’ve shared on Instagram (none of which are overly professional and are firmly still in hobby territory) but that people have liked, which is wonderful. I’m currently drafting a hand lettered piece of art for a colleague who recently had a baby girl, to put up in her nursery.

Travel Carries 

The London Parchment’s second birthday coincides nicely with my work anniversary. I’ve now been in my job for a year and I travel away on business trips fairly regularly. This year has therefore seen a few travel carry posts (Germany, India, Malaysia) to fit in with the purpose of my trips. I can definitely be nosy about other people’s pencilcases so I really enjoy sharing the contents of mine. This will certainly be an ongoing theme, and I’m aiming to continue sharing my travel carry for each of my trips (I’m off to Canada and USA this weekend – stay tuned).

Stationery New Year’s Resolutions

I got my thoughts together on how I use my stationery in time for the new year. Thinking about what I enjoy using, what I would like to use more of and what skills I would like to acquire was really interesting. It’s a bit of fun really, but sticking to them does bring me a lot of satisfaction. I’m seeing my Hobonichi Techo fill up steadily with daily photos to look back on, I’m using seasonal inks to capture the season through my writing and I’m getting on well with making my wedding stationery. I’ve still got a few to follow up on. I’ll be posting a mid-year review of my Stationery New Year’s Resolutions soon.


I’ve been on a good few visits to stores and installations that any stationery lover would enjoy. I visited a charming and eclectic pop up pencil bar, run by Iama London in Clerkenwell, one of London’s best design districts. I spent time looking around the London Design Festival in October, seeing colour, creativity and expression. I celebrated paper with G.F. Smith at their wonderful Tidal installation. Loving stationery goes more widely for me – it encompasses all things design, creative, individual, colourful, useful and more.

The Year in Summary

What a fun year it’s been. I’ve stepped up my writing on stationery and it’s great. I’m using more of my stationery than ever, more purposefully. I participated in #InCoWriMo for the first time, I can’t say it was a raging success for me (how hard will it be to write one letter a day, they said. I found it surprisingly hard!) but I do now have a pen pal.

One particular item I’ve been acquiring in the last year is my collection of Field Notes (thanks to trades and the generosity of the stationery community), but I’m using them at a fast pace too – I don’t think I’m ever going to be someone that acquires stationery never to use it. I even got a “thanks for that” when Field Notes picked up my post on my favourite edition, Shenandoah, and featured it in Dispatches – a great moment for my blog writing and photography.

The stationery community is great too. I so enjoy the insight into stationery that I get from The Pen Addict and the Erasable Podcast, and I’m lucky enough to have had The London Parchment included in roundups by Brad Dowdy on the Refill weekly newsletter, and by Ana at the Well Appointed Desk. Not only that but in February, I had a roast dinner with The Stationer herself, Tessa of All Things Stationery, and Jenny of The Finer Point. We’re all local to London so we met up on a Sunday afternoon to talk life and stationery. It was great. Meeting nice people and striking up friendships. All through The London Parchment!

Also, in between all of the fun I’ve had blogging and otherwise, I have been organising my wedding (with the groom, of course…). By the time The London Parchment turns three I’ll be married. I can’t wait for both of those milestones. Thanks for reading!

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